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Martas Pet Shop

Toronto Ontario Canada

Martas Pet Shop is located at Toronto in Canada, Ontario . Their business activities include Pet Accessories Shop, Pet Boarding, Pet Food Shops, Pet Shops, Pet Supplements Suppliers, Pet wholesale suppliers etc. Their main business region is Toronto Canada . The species and breeds they offer include Albino cockatiel, Angelfish, Aquarium Fishes, Bala shark, Barb, Birds, Black Molly, Blue crayfish, Budgies - Budgerigar, Catfish, Cockatiel Parrots, Convict cichlid, Cory catfish, Domestic canary, Electric yellow cichlid, Fantail, Finches, Giraffe Cichlid / Venustus Cichlid, GloFish, Goldfish, Green swordtail, Guppy, Jack Dempsey, Java Finch, Java sparrow, Kennyi cichlid, Lovebirds, Oranda, Oscar Fish, Panda Molly, Parrots, Piranha, Platey Red Guppy, Rainbow shark, Red-tailed black shark, Reedfish, Sharks, Suckermouth catfish, Swordfish, Tete sea catfish, Tetra Fish, Tiger barb, Tinfoil barb, White Molly, White tuxedo guppy, Zebra finch etc. They also make available Pet Food and Accessories like Aquarium Aerating Equipment, Aquarium Air Pump/Motor, Aquarium coral stones, Aquarium decorations, Aquarium fish tank, Aquarium gravel, Aquarium Heaters, Aquarium Internal Filter, Aquarium Lighting Equipment, Aquarium multi color stones, Aquarium plants, Aquarium Stones, Fish food, Medications, Water Treatment Chemicals etc. of the major brands Aqua Clear, Aqueon, Critter Nation, Exo Terra, Fluval, Hagen, Marina, Nutrafin, Nutrience, Ovo, Prevue Hendryx, Tetra Bits, Wardley, Zilla, Zoo Med etc. The shop established in the year 1971.